Heat Vision and Jack

Heat Vision and Jack (1999) is Rob Schrab and Dan Harman's famous 'failed' pilot. Despite critical acclaim, directing by Ben Stiller, and a star cast, FOX turned down the chance for Heat Vision and Jack to be made into a TV series.



Heat Vision: My friend Jack says the universe is infinite. He says you can travel forever and never reach the edge. I say the edge is where you find it.

Ron Silver: If I feel so much as one bullet hit me, I'll come over there and pull your lungs through your nostrils.

Heat Vision: Is that blood?
Jack Austin: The blood of tomatoes.

Heat Vision: Para-gone. Jack, Jack Jack, Para-GONE.
Jack Austin: [Fake laugh] I get it.

Jack Austin: You shouldn't point those things at people; they're dangerous.
The Sheriff: Only if I pull the trigger.
Jack Austin: I wasn't talking about the gun.
The Sheriff: Neither was I.

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